Element Yoga is more than your mat and asanas (poses).

Each element offers a different experience, perspective, strength and sense of peace.

The WATER element is the most challenging. Taking your asana practice to the water on a stand up paddleboard has many benefits. For obvious reasons it is a challenging workout due to be on an unstable surface which means our core and our mental focus work harder to keep balance. It’s easier on solid ground to allow yourself to get distracted, on water distraction means going for a swim! We also become more in tune with our own body’s strengths and challenges. Paddleboard yoga is also empowering, gathering strength from the sun and the calmness of the water. It can be a little scary; so the sense of conquering feels uplifting. Between the sun above, the water below and the breeze on your face, paddleboard yoga encompasses everything yoga is meant to be and more…

The EARTH element is similar to paddleboard yoga but without the water below our mat. When we take our yoga outside we allow ourselves to create a different energy than inside a studio. Between the sun on your face and the earth on your bare feet, outdoor yoga awakens senses of touch, smell, and sound. Outdoor views for focus points change our perspective when we are without a mirror to stare at. Experience a sense of freedom when we move our body with less expectation/comparison and we find our eyes through feeling our body.

The FIRE element brings us into a studio on our mat creating heat and energy with those around us. Sharing an enclosed space with others can be an encouraging and uplifting experience on our longer work days or early mornings. There are more opportunities to be adjusted and fewer distractions from outside sources. Music, magic, heat and electricity!

The AIR element is in each of these exterior elements!! Our AIR, also known as PRANA, is our life force. The space around us and the breath inside of us. Each breath makes a change we can’t always see. Every inhale and exhale is not only necessary but unique to that moment.

Andie Landa

Yoga • Paddle • SUP Yoga

E500 RYT and WPA Certified

(480) 241-0579


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